How To Use Paris Metro Easily And Fast

Paris Metro Euroline tickets can be purchased from many authorized sellers of such tickets at very affordable prices. Most of such vendors also offer discounts on online purchases as well. How to use Paris Metro Ticket Machine For easy payment of fare, this article will give you an idea of how to use the machine for easy payment of your fare. This will help you while travelling in Paris.

how to use Paris metro

The first thing you need to do is reach the RER Orly Airport. It is just 5 km away from Paris. How to use Paris Metro Ticket Machine There is a huge queue of buses going to Orly Airport. Get on the bus and get the ticket from the conductor. You can also use metro cabs or taxis standing at Orly Airport.

How to use Paris Metro Ticket Machine When you reach Orly Airport, the metro cab’s driver will ask you to pay the fare in French. If you are unable to understand the language, just hand the ticket to the conductor and he will help you in understanding the number you have paid for. Pay the fare and get the ticket number. He will then put the ticket into a transparent plastic cover. The insider tip is to take the ticket out from the transparent cover and place it in your lap.

How to use Paris Metro For journey in Paris metro, first get on the train. You will notice two separate trains – the blue line and the red line. The metro train will be coming from the right side going towards Orly Airport and you should get off the red line train at Orly Airport. There will be a station just ahead of Le Louvre station going towards Paris City Centre and you will find it going towards Parc Guell.

How to use Paris Metro At Parc Guell, you will find two independent entrances going towards Paris City Centre and they are named as rer rue de Parc Guell and rue de la Folie. At first, the entrance facing Paris City Centre is the more expensive one costing almost ten Euro. But if you go to the ticket machines, you will find that the cheaper price is in front of the metro. Also, when you get to Parc Guell, you will find a tourist orientated shop selling different products. Some of the products sold in this shop include branded jeans, souvenirs, toys and even souvenirs in different countries.

How to use Paris Metro When you have reached the end of the metro line, it will give you a choice of either going left or right. Going right will take you to Orly Airport and going left will take you to Paris City Centre. If you book a ticket in advance, you can use the metro to go directly to your hotel. When you are in Paris, there will be no problems for you to rent a car or a taxi. If you have any difficulties in getting a good deal, there are many travel guides online that will help you find how to use the Paris metro and other important information about the city.