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home grown herbs

We proudly curate all of our products from home grown organic herbs that are hand selected to provide an extraordinary concoction of natural extracts. The rich nutrition derived from the patented extraction process combines to provide an immaculate product that serves to enrich your hair & scalp. The difference in our formula is simply unmatched.


Production Process

The production of our premium quality hair care and skin care products begin at our state-of-the-art herb farms in South Korea. From gathering all herbal ingredients and raw materials, to delivering to your favorite retailers, every step is carefully calculated to provide only the best quality products for our consumers.

Farmers carefully grow all herbal ingredients to be used in production until they are ready for harvesting.

All harvested herbal ingredients are put through a rigorous cleansing and purification process. 

After cleansing and purifying, the herbs are placed in direct sunlight and direct air contact to sun & air dry.

The harvested, cleansed and purified herbal ingredients are shipped to our processing laboratory in a timely manner.

The raw materials needed to combine with the herbal extracts are also transported to the processing laboratory.

The herbal ingredients arrive at the processing laboratory and a quality inspection of the herbs are performed.

The raw materials arrive at the processing lab where they undergo an extensive quality control inspection.

Each herbal ingredient is measured, separated and prepared for the extraction process. 

Each raw material is processed, measured and prepared for the mixing process.

Herbal ingredients combined in extraction chamber and placed in queue for the patented process of extraction.

Herbal ingredients are put through the patented extraction process. The lengthy process preserves all nutrient extracts.

All raw materials are combined and stored in vacuum chambers during herbal extraction process.

Once the extraction process is completed, the herbal extracts undergo an additional quality control inspection.

Once all herbal extract and raw material ingredients are ready, they are placed into mixing chambers.

After the mixing is complete, the final formulation goes through one final quality assurance inspection.

Now the products are ready to be bottled in their respective retail vessels, compressed and sealed for packaging.

The finished goods are carefully packaged in their shipping boxes and prepped for shipment.

Finished products are stored in strategic distribution centers across the globe to be shipped to retailers worldwide.